Lean Culture: Collected Practices and Cases

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The hard part of implementing a lean transformation, according to most experts, is dealing with the "soft" issues, such as culture change. Getting employees to live and breathe lean -- actively supporting and buying into lean concepts and philosophy, always searching for ways to eliminate waste, and continuously improving processes and providing greater value for customers -- is the real challenge when building and sustaining a lean culture.

Lean Culture: Collected Practices and Cases provides a variety of case studies taken from articles previously published in Lean Manufacturer Advisor: the monthly newsletter by Productivity Press. All focus on cultural issues, ranging from the role of top management, to training and development of workers and managers, to building buy-in and to sustaining the culture.

Highlights include:

  • Practical, in-depth descriptions of cultural issues in a lean transformation, written in a conversational, easy-to-read style.
  • Many case studies unavailable from any other single source.
  • Articles categorized by specific area - all desired information is easily located.
  • Real-world information about culture change collected in one handy book.



Part I: Building Support

  • Chapter 1: Aggressive Management Builds a New Hartz Mountain Culture
  • Chapter 2: The Ways to Win Hearts and Minds
  • Chapter 3: Creating a New Culture Is Company's First Priority
  • Chapter 4: Tips for Molding a Kaizen Culture
  • Chapter 5: Employees Offer Suggestions When a Process Is in Place
  • Chapter 6: Approach Is Key in Attempt to Make Union a Partner
  • Chapter 7: The Really Tough Part: Selling Lean to the CEO
  • Chapter 8: "Semi-Stealth" Strategy Turns Top Executives into Believers

Part II: Staff Development

  • Chapter 9: Plan to Increase Your Skills Inventory
  • Chapter 10: Acquiring and Building Expertise
  • Chapter 11: Plan Your Search Carefully to Get the Right Lean Leader
  • Chapter 12: Improving Hiring Processes Saves Both Time and Money
  • Chapter 13: Ten Critical Areas Where Supervisors Need Your Help with Culture Change
  • Chapter 14: Structured Program Builds Skills of Team Leaders
  • Chapter 15: Want a High-Level Job Here? You Better Learn Lean First
  • Chapter 16: Plastics Firm's Lean Team Is Its Source of New Talent

Part III: Sustaining Change

  • Chapter 17: An Assessment Tool Tells You Whether Your Culture Is Lean
  • Chapter 18: Nine Steps for Getting TPM Buy-In from Varied Groups
  • Chapter 19: Frequent Feedback Fosters Changes in Company Culture
  • Chapter 20: A Good Day of Production Begins with a Good Meeting
  • Chapter 21: Compensation Helps Lean Pay Off
  • Chapter 22: Incentives Should Be Based on Outcomes, Not Activities
  • Chapter 23: Satisfaction Yields Improved Results
  • Chapter 24: Integrate Your Improvement Methods if You Want Your Initiatives to Last



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