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This new edition includes over 2500 revised and updated Carbon Steel Alloys, 2000 data changes, 5000 Alloys listed from important World Standards. Retaining its well tabular format, this book has proved indispensable tool for Material Specialists, Standards Department, Purchase Officers, Mechanical  Engineers, Designers, Toolmakers, Draftsmen and persons working in Steel Plants, Rolling Mills, Automobile Industries and Material Testing Laboratories

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Low Carbon Steel Grades Used for:Chains Stampings•Rivets•Nails•Wire Pipes•Structural Steel•Machine Parts
Machines Screws

Medium Carbon Steel Grades Used for :Lead Screws•Gears•Worms•Spindles•Shafts•Crankshafts•Axle•Mandrels Tool Shanks•Drop Hammer Dies•Set Screws•ScrewDrivers•Arbors•Anvil Faces•Bandsaws•Hammers

High Carbon Steel Grades Used for: Punches•Rock Drills•Shear Blades•Cold Chisels•Rivet Sets•Springs• Cutting Tools•Press Tools•Striking Dies•Drills•Taps•Milling Cutters•Knives•Cold Cutting Dies•Wood Working Tools•Reamers Files•Bicycle Balls•Antifriction Bearings•Grinding and Milling Balls•Agitators•Engine Friction Plates•Boilers•FlangesPressure Vessels•Valves•Pipes & Pipe Fittings•Seamless Pipes

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