People First Leadership: How the Best Leaders Use Culture and Emotion to Drive Unprecedented Results

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Author: Eduardo P. Braun
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Publishing Date: 2016
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The book that redefines leadership for our time--inspired by personal interviews with Jack Welch, Bill Clinton, George Lucas, Madeleine Albright, Pope Francis, and others.

In this life-changing book, the cofounder of the World Business Forum, Eduardo Braun, introduces a new vision of leadership: The New CEO--someone who puts people, cultures, and emotions first. Through thousands of hours of conversations with world-class leaders, Braun has identified 5 Key Roles anyone can adopt to not only fire people up for success, but change the world for good.

With this refreshingly human approach, you’ll find it easy to integrate the 5 traits into you’re your work and your life. You’ll hear intimate stories and practical life lessons from CEOs like Jack Welch and Tony Hsieh, who trusted their instincts, followed their passions, and shared their visions with others. Best of all, you’ll learn how to make stronger connections that get better results--and discover a truer, deeper meaning of success.

From the Back Cover


"An insightful and original exploration of company culture, and the critical importance of inspiring emotions to spur engagement -- and results. An essential read for any leader who understands that people are what make businesses live or die.”
--Jack Welch

"People First Leadership brings together the best minds in business to make a counterintuitive ― yet powerful ― case for the importance of emotion in organizational success. By adopting the five key roles of Braun's proposed 'Chief Emotions Officer,' you can use the softer side of management to transform your own organization.”
- Daniel H. Pink, New York Times bestselling author of Drive and A Whole New Mind

“Over the years I've seen Eduardo interview heads of State, heads of corporations, and global thought leaders. He has now skillfully extracted the leadership lessons and shared them in People First Leadership, showing what the best leaders actually do, and the crucial role that emotions play in changing behavior.”
--Renée Mauborgne, INSEAD Professor and coauthor of the global bestseller, Blue Ocean Strategy

“Eduardo Braun’s book is a magnificently written masterpiece (I endorse every word) that beautifully portrays why the 'intangibles' are more motivating than the 'tangibles' in creating a dynamic, people focused organizational culture, which leads to personal fulfillment for employees; an energizing esprit de corps for all participants; and mesmerizing results for the entity.  Eduardo’s book is a 'bible' for those leaders who aspire to inspire.”
-- Herb Helleher, Cofounder, Chariman Emeritus and Former CEO of Southwest Airlines

“In People First Leadership, Eduardo Braun puts the focus squarely where it belongs: on helping individuals at work develop their innate potential. In the battle to overcome the disengagement and underperformance that plagues economies around the world, Braun offers a practical tool-kit for unleashing the creativity, passion, and commitment that drives high performance.”
--Gary Hamel, author of The Future of Management and What Happens Now

“I’ve known Eduardo for many years, and I’ve always admired his deep understanding of what really drives people. People First Leadership is sure to change how you think about getting the best out of yourself, your team, and your organization.”
--Rudy Giuliani, former Mayor of New York City
“In People First Leadership, Eduardo Braun shows how managing people’s hearts and minds plays a fundamental role in every aspect of effective, results-oriented leadership―from the necessity of making tough choices and the importance of a strong vision for the future to creating a culture of curiosity and innovation. This is essential reading for any manager.” 
--Robert J. Herbold, Chief Operating Officer (retired), Microsoft Corporation
“As a past HSM speaker, I met most of the high profile leaders mentioned in this book. I even had a friendly debate with Jack Welch.  Ed Braun's questions during his interviews with me were always excellent.  This book on the soft factors of emotion and culture that great leaders manifest is long overdue.”
--Philip Kotler, bestselling author of Kotler on Marketing and S.C. Johnson Distinguished Professor of International Marketing at Northwestern University
“Edward Braun has explored success and leadership in this book derived from his series of Business Forums. As a man with six children I've always considered him one of the richest men I know -- but aside from this good fortune, there are many good ideas and lessons to be learned from him."
--Francis Ford Coppola

“People First Leadership is an insightful book that provides a remarkably clear and practical teaching for any leader who wants to pursue excellence by developing a successful culture that speaks at the heart of their people. Definitively challenging.”
--Alvaro Uribe, Former President of Colombia

"As we have moved from the Industrial Age to the Information Age, increasingly we are recognizing that data is not knowledge, never mind wisdom.  With that in mind, success increasingly will come to those with high degrees of EQ.  Drawing on the words of scores of leaders he has interviewed and his own insights, Braun boldly redefines the role of CEO as Chief Emotions Officer.  His book is especially clear and relevant, not just to businesspeople, but to anyone who wants to effect change."
--Christie Hefner, Former CEO and Chairman, Playboy Enterprises

 “A must read for anyone looking to learn unique leadership lessons from the minds of the world’s greatest leaders.  Eduardo gives us personal and direct access to their mindsets and to their leadership journeys. For leaders across all cultures the message is clear--high performance leadership must include awareness of emotions to execute a successful strategy. Eduardo’s message is clear--leadership is personal.”
--George Kohlrieser, IMD Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior, author of Hostage at the Table

“A well-told story delivers a meaningful emotional experience, equally impacting both head and heart.   Eduardo Braun’s insightful new book, People First Leadership, demonstrates how striking this same balance in business and government empowers humanistic leadership.  Bravo Eduardo!” 
--Robert McKee, author of Story

“Eduardo Braun is a masterful conversationalist turned storyteller. People First Leadership rightly focuses business action on emotion and its many dimensions, drawing wisdom from the good and great of business to illuminate the pathway to winning.”
--Kevin Roberts, Chairman Saatchi & Saatchi, Head Coach Publicis Groupe
“I have been interviewed many times, in the last forty years. Without any doubt, one of the most compelling, interesting and in depth interviews that I have done, was made by Eduardo Braun. His expertise in this field is undeniable and he had been blessed with a very personal and candid approach to access deep into each one of his partners on so many worldwide events. This book is a wonderful way of absorbing the talent, leadership, experience and success of great men, through the now great writing of the best interviewer in the world.”
 --Nando Parrado, survivor of the 1972 plane crash in the Chilean mountains and bestselling author of Miracle in the Andes

“This is a complete and successful undertaking, nicely integrating the key roles leadership plays in determining organizational success. Particularly interesting and effective is the book’s treatment of how ‘hard’ factors affecting performance (e.g., strategy) are interdependent with critical ‘soft’ factors, such as culture and emotion, and how these soft factors can multiply and intensify desired leadership results. This is an effective treatise of leadership as a complex phenomenon that should be on every manager’s bookshelf.”
--Lawrence Hrebiniak, Emeritus Professor of Strategic Management, Wharton School


About the Author

Eduardo Braun is the cofounder and director of the HSM Group and the World Business Forum, the first global multimedia management company. He writes a column for the Huffington Post, is a member of various international boards and regularly consults and speaks to a worldwide audience on leadership and management.


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