Predictable Prospecting: How to Radically Increase Your B2B Sales Pipeline

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Publishing Date: 2016
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The proven system for B2B sales growth from the coauthor of Predictable Revenue, the breakout bestseller hailed as “Silicon Valley’s sales bible” (

If your organization’s success is driven by B2B sales, this powerhouse of a book shows you how to generate new opportunities, build sales consistently, and focus on high revenue accounts with higher probability. It’s the most reliable and predictable prospecting system available, developed by the coauthor of the bestselling Predictable Revenue and the author of the international bestseller How to Deliver a TED Talk.

Following a proven step-by-step framework, you can turn any B2B organization into a high-performance business development engine. You’ll learn how to target and track ideal prospects, optimize contact acquisition, continually improve performance, and achieve revenue goals―quickly, efficiently, and predictably. As a bonus, you’ll receive full online access to sample materials, worksheets, blueprints, and more.

If you are a business professional tasked with new business development, revenue generation, diversifying marketing lead generation channels, selling into disruptive markets, and justifying marketing ROI, Predictable Prospecting will be an invaluable resource.

From the Back Cover


“Most of what has been written for salespeople about prospecting and pipeline management does nothing to improve their sales results. Either it’s too theoretical, which makes it complex and impractical or, even worse, it’s too simple to help in the real world.  This is the Goldilocks of prospecting books.  It walks a just-right balance, with useful cases and examples.”
―Neil Rackham, bestselling author of SPIN Selling

“Prospecting is the most important work in sales. It’s also the one activity that virtually all salespeople and sales organizations struggle to do consistently. In Predictable Prospecting you’ll learn how to streamline your prospecting activities into an effective selling system that works! If you’re ready to make more money and accelerate your sales productivity, then this book is essential reading.
―Jeb Blount, CEO of Sales Gravy, Inc., and author of Fanatical Prospecting and People Buy You

“Marylou is one of the finest and brightest minds I know when it comes to ‘upping the game.’ She makes outbound prospecting far more productive, predictable, and profitable. Her latest thinking is not only worthwhile reading, it’s a MUST if your business goal is increased revenue performance.”
―Jay Abraham, founder and CEO of Abraham Group, Inc., and author of Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got

“Predictable Prospecting does for the ‘modern seller’ what Predictable Revenue did back in its day. In this book you get an updated process that integrates with what is currently working in your playbook. Not a rip-and-replace strategy . . . just better.”
―Trish Bertuzzi, CEO of The Bridge Group and author of The Sales Development Playbook

“Predictable Prospecting offers a great mix of tactical recommendations within a strategic methodology for predictable pipeline generation. This is a great book for staying current on the technologies and processes that are proving to be the most effective.”
―Brent Holloway, VP of Corporate Sales at Talend, Inc., and coauthor of Sales 2.0

“Most sales organizations suffer from an unoptimized sales process. The result? Inconsistent sales and revenue as well as missed forecasts. In Predictable Prospecting, Tyler and Donovan show you how to reengineer your sales prospecting into an opportunity machine.”
―Max Altschuler, founder and CEO of Sales Hacker, Inc., and author of Hacking Sales

“This book is my team’s go-to playbook for generating predictable revenue.”
―Paul Fifield, Chief Revenue Officer of UNiDAYS

“Marylou Tyler combines great wisdom and knowledge to help solve the pipeline development challenge we face daily. This book will unlock the door to consistent and predictable pipeline growth like never before.”
―Nick Scaglione, VP of Sales and Business Development at VoxGen

“This book leads you to a true understanding of sales productivity.”
―Mark Kosoglow, VP of Sales at Outreach SaaS

“Predictable Prospecting provides a pragmatic approach to improving sales results with examples and stories that will motivate the reader to reach higher levels of personal success, striking the right balance of theory and practicality in a space where ‘getting to the point’ is critical.”
―Daniel J. Houston, chairman, president, and CEO of Principal Financial

About the Author


Marylou Tyler is a Fortune 1,000 consultant, sales trainer, business speaker, and coauthor of the bestselling Predictable Revenue.

Jeremey Donovan is Head of Sales Strategy at Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG) and author of the international bestseller How to Deliver a TED Talk.


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