Product Audit

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Publishing Date: 2008
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Product Audit: 

The product audit is one of the oldest methods which give a statement on the quality of products prior to their delivery to the customer. It assesses the effectiveness of quality assurance through the examination of a small number of products and/or parts and confirms the quality capability of the production process based on the quality of a product. Thereby, it is verified whether the product complies with the given specifications and/or special customer/supplier agreements.
A product audit concerns 

  • the planning
  • the review
  • the evaluation
  • the documentation

of quality characteristics of tangible products (VDA 6.5) after completion of production stage prior to submission to an internal/external customer. 

Product audits are carried out regularly or for specific reason, they do not, however, serve as a substitute for checks during the production process. They can be carried out on the results of all business processes in product development, manufacturing and marketing. 
Finding a standard evaluation system is still difficult. As the variation span here is so wide, a number of methods have been represented in the examples, which each company can adopt or modify and bring into application.

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