QM System Audit- Production Equipment

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QM System Audit- Production Equipment: 

This updated reprint is identical to the previous edition. However the revision of the 2nd edition was necessary because the underlying ISO 9001:2000 was replaced in December 2008 by the ISO 9001:2008 version In addition, spelling errors have been corrected and some phrases formulated more clearly.

Today, the aim to achieve quality has a new dimension also in the area of machine, plant, appliance, tool and inspection and test equipment manufacturing. It has become a management task in all areas of the company with its vertical and horizontal structures. The scope of the production equipment suppliers comprises individual production (e.g. special machines) and serial production of components and standard products, as well as combinations thereof. 

The basic structure and the evaluation system of VDA 6.4 is, to a large extent, identical with VDA 6.1 and has been revised and adjusted taken into account the special interests of the production equipment suppliers. The requirement catalogue and questionnaire thus has to be specifically interpreted accordingly.

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