QM System Audit- service

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Product Code: VDA 6.2
Standard Code: VDA 6.2
Publishing Date: 2004
Number Of Pages: 105
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QM System Audit- service : 

Bad quality in service companies can nullify the best efforts of all the proceeding links in a process chain and place activities aimed towards customer satisfaction in query. 

In this volume, a quality system specifically orientated towards the requirements of service providers in the automotive industry is represented. The volume provides a good guidance for analysis, implementation and auditing of a service quality system. Likewise, services which are provided within the framework of manufacturing a material product (marketing, sales, customer training) can be evaluated using this questionnaire. The fundamental structure and evaluation is identical to VDA 6.1. It is orientated to service processes along the net product chain, from market research and development to customer services. Basically, VDA 6.2 involves all employees, service processes and business procedures of a company and pays special attention to the continuous improvement of quality, price, service and schedule reliability.


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