QM system audit VDA 6.1 : 2010

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Publishing Date: 2010
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QM - system audit: 

Based on DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and DIN EN ISO 9004

The VDA 6.1 is a basis for internal quality system audits (1st-party), customer / supplier audits (2nd party) and for certification audits (3rd party). Perform certification bodies, the 3rd-party audits, may issue a VDA 6.1 certification amendment, if approved by the VDA. The volume contains a list of questions to assess a quality management system and the associated assessment system. The application is provided primarily in companies that produce tangible products.


The contents of the questionnaire clearly exceeds the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 beyond. Particularly noteworthy are-still-the elements:

  • Financial considerations of quality systems
  • Product liability and product safety and
  • business strategy.


For each question, each claim to be better under understanding explained. It is given by example support for a possible implementation within the organization. All questions can be quantitatively assessed. The overall result is expressed as a fulfillment of degree between 0 and 100%.


This 2010 updated fourth edition is identical to the 4th 2003 and the previous edition  in 2009, but with updated references and terminology according DIN EN ISO 9001:20008.

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