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Air Bag Development and Performance
Follow the fascinating development of the automotive air bag - from its introduction to the latest a..
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Alternative Diesel Fuels
A key topic of many technical discussions has been the development of alternative fuels to power the..
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An Introduction to Engine Testing and Development
This book presents the basic principles required for the testing and development of internal combust..
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Analytical Fleet Maintenance Management, 3rd Edition
This edition of Analytical Fleet Maintenance Management, the first update in more than a decade, det..
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Automotive Telematics
This report discusses automotive telematics from a technical perspective, with reference to the busi..
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Brake NVH: Testing and Measurements
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Car Suspension and Handling, Fourth Edition
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Changes in Plain Bearing Technology
A unique fusion of theoretical and practical knowledge, Changes in Plain Bearing Technology, by Rolf..
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Chassis Design - Principles and Analysis
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Dictionary of Mechanical Engineering 4th edition
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Diesel Emissions and Their Control
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Diesel Nitrogen Oxide Emissions Landmark Research 1995-2001 (Progress in Technology)
For advanced diesel engines to achieve high fuel economy and ultra low emissions in the 21st century..
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Dynamic Analysis and Control System Design of Automatic Transmissions
While the basic working principle and the mechanical construction of automatic transmissions has not..
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